CHUNGDAHM Learning is expanding its learning center, content and solution business through global & local partnerships.

Learning Center

CHUNGDAHM Learning's curriculum is mapped to meet global standards and is applicable to students across different regions and markets.

1) Chungdahm

  • Global Communication through the integration of Language, Thinking, and Knowledge - Language : Skill-focused Learning
    - Thinking : Project-based Learning
    - Knowledge : Topic-based Learning

2) April

  • Cultivation of creativity through the integration of Language, Thinking and Arts - Thinking : Problem Solving Enhancement
    - Language : Language Skills Training
    - Arts : Arts/Media Creation


  • Cultivation of expression through lessons based on imagination, immersion and integration and projects based on virtual world creation - Immersion : Language/Culture
    - Imagination : Art/Music
    - Integration : Topic/Skills
Learning Center

Learning Content

In addition to developing the four fundamental skills of English (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing), Chungdahm's content also builds critical and creative thinking. Chungdahm has various levels of content, ranging from kindergarten to adult learning.

1) Global ESL Curriculum

integration of language (reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills) with critical and creative thinking capabilities

2) Scaffolded Learning

content offerings leveled by Lexile and brand offerings targeting a variety of age ranges (pre-K–12)

3) Competency-Based Assessment

standardized student assessment for accurate level placement and progress tracking
Learning Contents
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Learning Solution


Loudclass smart learning solution enables teachers and administrators to take control of the classroom while facilitating the development of 21st century learning skills in a completely digital and integrated learning environment. Students naturally capitalize on learning opportunities provided by the increased stimulation, motivation, and engagement.

1) Author

  • A dynamic authoring tool that gives curriculum administrators and teachers the power to create smart textbooks - Media Content
    - Interactive Question Activities
    - Textbook Formatting

2) Interactive

  • A variety of tools to motivate students and elicit active participation - SRS (Student Response System)
    - Media Cards
    - Tests and Homework

3) Cloud

  • A user friendly product with the essential smart classroom management features for administrative staff, teachers, and students - Administrator
    - Group & Student Management
    - Adding Staff
    - Add Student Lists
    - Registration Codes
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